Glossary - P

Panopoly is a Drupal distribution that offers many tools including the Panels module suite that allows the deployment of complex and configurable layout without development for the administrator. Thanks to Panopoly, administrators can radically change the appearance of web pages via a simple interface.

A very useful module of Drupal, Paragraphs allows you to structure the content in a way that produces a visual of content that is pleasant for the user and thus facilitates the browsing experience.

The Paragraphs module for Drupal 7 and 8

A patch file (or patch file) is a text file with a .patch extension that includes a set of formatted code extracted using the git diff command, for example. Using a patch file allows you to change the core code, module, or theme to fix bugs, optimize performance, change, or add new features. Patches make development easier because instead of providing a replacement file of thousands of lines of code, the patch file includes only those changes.

Good practices of the patch file in Drupal

The Path module allows the site administrator to rename the URLs of the created pages. The Pathauto module automatically creates new URLs for pages based on their title.

The Drupal poll module ...
Example: Do you like Drupal? Yes ; No.
Simple, effective!

The PHP Standard Recommendations (PSRs) are recommendations aimed at improving interoperability between PHP Frameworks. There are several recommendations that have been validated including PSR-4 which focuses on auto-loading classes and which has been adopted by Drupal 8. PSR-4 describes a specification for automatic loading classes of file paths. The autoload allows you to include files without the use of "include" statements, based on the namespace path.