Glossary - M

This module allows site administrators to customize and manage the site's navigation menu.

The Metatags module is particularly interesting for SEO sites since it allows the user to manage the keywords and descriptions of the site, the home page and each page of the site if necessary.

The Drupal CMS has a so-called modular operation. Drupal comes with about thirty modules. Only a quarter of these modules are active by default. The least functionality is seen as a module, and not as part of the core. The ability to create content is a module in itself! But it is obligatory, we will understand it! The search tool, menus, comments are also seen as separate modules. The community site has more than 2,400 additional modules that are easy to install. If you do not find your happiness in these 2,400 modules, the realization of modules is easy, because the API does most of the work. With just a few lines of code you can get a complete settings module interface, a settings validation mechanism, an install / uninstall mechanism ...