Glossary - C


The CCK module (Content Construction Kit) allows you to create new Content Types by adding fields.

CK Editor is a wysiwyg HTML editor, which is a word processor that transforms what is formatted into the HTML editor.

Composer is a PHP dependency management tool. It allows you to manage the list of libraries needed to run a project. For Composer to know where to find the libraries, it is necessary to centralize the information of the libraries that one wishes to use in a repository like the website:

One of the big new Drupal8! This system should become the way to keep track of configuration details. Drupal8 comes with a file system-based configuration management system. It even allows you to use version control for your configuration. Back up your database configuration data for the files.

A container is an object that allows you to store a whole series of other objects following specific methods to manipulate them. There are different containerization solutions to implement the containers that can isolate the applications and ensure their portability.

The principle of administering sites by Drupal is not to separate the display of the front office and the backoffice. In more understandable terms perhaps, this means that there is not a section dedicated to the entry, maintenance, parameterization with a look specific to the application (like the file / write /).