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GraphQL Drupal Rest

GraphQL and Drupal : Our experience

Using REST is a must-do for API building, today. GraphQL allows another interesting way to display content.

1 March 2018
Symfony and Drupal 8

Reliability, Power and Modularity : Drupal 8 and Symfony 2

To enhance the power and the viability of Drupal, a catalyst is often needed : here, we will use Symfony 2. The main difference between Drupal 8...

14 February 2018

The AP-HM maintains its confidence in to maintain and develop its Drupal applications

AP-HM, the region’s largest employer, maintains its confidence in team, that ensured the maintenance, development, technical and...

24 November 2017
Drupal Patch

Best practices for applying a patch file in Drupal

In order to fix bugs, improve performance or add functions, a patch can be very useful, and even indispensable. Nonetheless, modifying the code is...

23 November 2017
Nouveau Projet Drupal - CGT

New project - Redesign of with Drupal 8, content recovery and industrialization

The General Confederation of Labor -CGT- is working closely with the team, in an effort to complete the CGT’s national website...

17 November 2017

Phalcon and Drupal: the winning team?

We opted for Phalcon - one of the fastest framework at the moment - for one of our Drupal 8 project. Here's why and how.

13 March 2017