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1 Aug. 2018

Selfie-post at - Our news! news

Here’s a selfie post. We’ve never fallen for that. And it is time to shake things up. The quarterly summary of our activities includes everything about the team, the new architectures, new projects, our service center and our endeavor to provide you with better deliverables!


25 Jul. 2018

Feedback on Roomify distribution with...

REX Roomify Drupal

Feedback on Roomify distribution as part of an online booking service (for vacation). An interesting interface for property owners and users as well… But we still have to make sure not to color outside the lines…for the lack of any pertinent documentation makes us wonder if it hadn’t been purposefully intended this way.


12 Mar. 2018

The future of Drupal - 2/3 - The End of...

Drupal API

Second part about Dave Hall's post named "Drupal, we need to talk" : The End of the Monolith.


12 Mar. 2018

The future of Drupal - 3/3 - A Fierce...

La compétition sur Drupal devient de plus en plus féroce

End of series of reactions about the blog post published by Dave Hall named "Drupal, we need to talk"... A Fierce competition.


12 Mar. 2018

The future of Drupal - 1/3 - Is Drupal...

Future of the Drupal CMS

This series of articles is a reaction, among others, to Dave Hall’s post « Drupal, we need to talk » (19/04/2017). Numerous comments were posted on Dave’s blog. Multiple internal chats have emphasized this subject as well. First part : Drupal, losing pace ?


1 Mar. 2018

GraphQL and Drupal : Our experience

GraphQL Drupal Rest

Using REST is a must-do for API building, today. GraphQL allows another interesting way to display content.