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Drupal Admin Thème - Image d'agrément

We tested Claro, the new Drupal 8 and 9 admin theme

We tested Claro, the new administration theme (backend - Admin Theme) with Drupal 8.8 anticipating its adoption in Drupal 9. And we were won over...

11 April 2020
L'équipe se prépare à Drupal 9 - Image d'agrément

The path to Drupal 9 - What's new, Drupal 7 upgrade, Drupal 8 to Drupal 9...

Certainly this is not the priority at the moment... Certainly. However, we can take advantage of this period of calm to think about important...

27 March 2020 news

Selfie-post at - Our news!

Here’s a selfie post. We’ve never fallen for that. And it is time to shake things up. The quarterly summary of our activities includes everything...

1 August 2018
REX Roomify Drupal

Feedback on Roomify distribution with Drupal

Feedback on Roomify distribution as part of an online booking service (for vacation). An interesting interface for property owners and users as...

25 July 2018
Future of the Drupal CMS

The future of Drupal - 1/3 - Is Drupal losing pace?

This series of articles is a reaction, among others, to Dave Hall’s post «...

12 March 2018
Drupal API

The future of Drupal - 2/3 - The End of the Monolith

Second part about Dave Hall's post named "Drupal, we need to talk" : The End of the Monolith.

12 March 2018