UX/UI Design

UX/UI design specialists for over 9 years, we create web and mobile user-centered platforms.

Built around web and mobile interface designers and art directors, our UX/UI team includes front-end engineers and developers to get the best out of the fast-evolving front-end universe.

Our design principles
Simple interfaces
ease-of-use, readability and accessibility are our core design principles.
Enhanced User Experience
we believe friction between user and content must be reduced to the minimum.
Responsive Design
all our projects are designed for optimal experience whatever device is used.
Our styles
Flat design
Material design
Fluid/ Fullscreen
Design off-canvas
UX design
SVG et Retina

Our UX/UI creation process:
Brief, analysis and research
Design material and resources gathering
Wireframes creation (UX)
Wireframes improvement and validation (using Invision)
User Interface creation
User Interface improvement and validation (using Invision)
JPG and PSD via Redmine
Interaction design: CSS3 animation on hover or on click, animation on scroll and parallax effect.


Our favorite tools for UI, UX and web design are Invision and Moqups. Invision is a "leading prototyping, collaboration workflow platform". Used from UI to integration. Moqups allows "the creation of functional prototypes by adding interactivity to your designs".... and much more.

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