To address specific requirements, our expertise encompasses Symfony the php framework.

The release of Drupal 8 has been a major milestone as the CMS is now integrated with the famous php framework: Symfony. To fully benefit from this evolution, Symfony developers have joined team. The combination allows faster development, wider scopes and code re-use.

Symfony development

Symfony offers numerous components and a robust yet flexible framework for the development of specific business features. There are many benefits:

Time saving
Symfony features ready-made components for standard functionality developments. The time saved can be significant and allocated to more complex and time consuming development tasks.
Custom developments
Drupal allows for the development of solid platforms but its customization capabilities can be a limiting factor. Its integration with Symfony addresses this concern.
Easier maintenance
Thanks to a perfect code structure, Symfony-based platforms are sustainable and easy to maintain.
Why us?

We are experienced at what we do and we know the ins and outs of Drupal/Symfony ecosystems.

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