In our news: HTTP2 / SSL / Docker

Wednesday 22 February 2017

Our preventive maintenance plan is changing. Your website maintenance and security are important to you and you want specialists to be in charge. You are right!

docker ssl http2

Our current offer has been beefed up with HTTP2, protection of your users with SSL and Docker integration.

Here are the details:

Moving from HTTP to HTTP2

HTTP protocol has been loyal and up to the task so far. But web pages need much more resources to load than they used to. With one HTTP request allowed per TCP connexion it has become a limiting factor.

With HTTP2, the server push to the client's cache, keep alive and simultaneous requests are natively supported.

Google Chrome is progressively dropping SPDY which is confirmation of the adoption of HTTP2.

Results of HTTP2, HHTPS and SPYD benchmark can be read at httpwatch

We have implemented HTTP2 on Lot, Legiest and are currently rolling it out on several other projects. This very website is one of them :)

SSL to secure your site

SSL allows end to end encryption. Our offer provides SSL certificates and terefore for end to end encryption between the browser and the server.

Data security and integrity are the primary objectives here but it will also positively impact the website ranking, sending a positive signal to search engines.

Your applications with Docker

Docker is running on our jn995 server. It is currently used for one of our clients in production.

Deploying Docker on all our servers requires a kernel update which is planned in the coming weeks.

In short, it is technically operational on our dedicated servers.