New project - Redesign of with Drupal 8, content recovery and industrialization

Friday 17 November 2017

The General Confederation of Labor -CGT- is working closely with the team, in an effort to complete the CGT’s national website overhaul using Drupal 8. Stakes are high…Challenges are important, chiefly those regarding website content overhaul and website creation for local activists.

Nouveau Projet Drupal - CGT

The project

The CGT has ensured access to the website for all, a website created eight years ago with CMS SPIP. The trade union wishes to overhaul its website for the following reasons:

  • A users’ experience is disconnected from the general public, chiefly activists ;
  • The website does not offer a mobile optimization ;
  • The website does not offer a space dedicated to activists, which they demand ;
  • The website does not offer a space for interaction with users.

In the framework of this project, we have been tasked with conducting a system overhaul on the graphic, ergonomic, and technical levels, as well as developing the website’s functionalities. This effort includes :

  • Providing a new site tree and creating a new content sectioning ;
  • Conceiving a new interface, and reconfiguring it using responsive design ;
  • Creating new templates, using new media and introducing storytelling elements ;
  • Providing a WebTV for video content ;
  • Creating a space dedicated to activists ;
  • Conceiving a press room ;
  • Developing a blog ;
  • Archiving old content.

We are also addressing several issues with the CGT such as hosting and optimizing the website’s performance.

Planning Stage: SEO and UX Analysis

Given the tremendous number of information, content type, and traffic volume, UI and UX will be the main challenges to overcome, thus improving the users’ access to information. We have chosen to conduct a SEO and UX study to collect the most relevant information to conceive graphic and ergonomic models.

Our SEO analysis aims at examining the traffic on the website by segmenting the audience according to the following axes : 

  • Traffic sources ;
  • Users’ behavior ;
  • Viewed content ;
  • Users’ profiles (personas).

This analysis led to several interesting conclusions- the types and volume of web traffic (direct traffic, organic traffic and social traffic). The main goal is to make a clear distinction between the important content to be put forth and the content to be emphasized in the framework of the users’ mobile behavior. 

The UX analysis aims at :

  • Outlining and prioritizing the business objectives of the CGT website ;
  • Outlining the types of users (personas) ;
  • Outlining the content ;

…thus establishing a structure that will guide users toward business objectives.Identifying the different personas and the relevant behavior is the first step to creating a solid web tree, and the most optimized and ergonomic personalized navigation path, based on the types of users. 

Drupal 8, a technical platform

The website, characterized by a high and fluctuating web traffic (depending on political and social developments), offers a space dedicated to activists (personal space, document sharing, etc). Therefore, it inevitably requires resources. In our quest to finding a robust, performing and sustainable CMS, we immediately thought about Drupal 8 to conduct the project.

Visit our site in June 2018 to see the results real teamwork can achieve !

Article written by @myriam and the team @bluedrop_drupal. Photo by Chris Slupski on Unsplash.