Intranet / Corporate Social Network Sites has deployed several intranets based on Drupal distributions

And in detail, what is it?

After several deployments, we opted to customize drupal 8 to the needs of the client, where the intranet becomes a real social network of the company. This option allows to build agile intranet. From experience, we recommend starting from some features that are unanimous and focus on the grip of all users of the company. Then comes the progressive and regular deployment of new features based on internal requests. We combine the modularity of Drupal and simplified access to users to succeed this typology of projects. Some common modules include:

  • User Management ;
  • Internal news module;
  • Sharing of documents
  • Management of leave;
  • Memos;
  • Shared agenda.

The corporate social network

It is quite feasible to use Open Social Distribution as the basis for integrating and deploying your corporate social network. This type of project, combined with tailor-made development, can guarantee internal information and communications better dissemination. The goal is to provide your business with a growth accelerator through an enhanced user experience.