Institutional Web Portals

At we manage several projects to create or redesign institutional portals. These are large projects, framed by strict and formal procedures. Our methodology guarantee seamless cooperation between the various stakeholders of the project.

An adapted methodology

Often framed by public procurement procedures, design and development of institutional portals are the result of a close collaboration between project teams. We apply a "classical" project methodology ... And use as much "techniques and processes" derived from agile methodologies (scrum) as possible.

Why Drupal 8 ?

Drupal offers and stands out for its robustness and flexibility in:

  • Permissions management;
  • Multilingualism management;
  • Management of workflows;
  • Flexible management of your templates;
  • Optimized search;
  • Media Management ...

Drupal 8 is an open source tool with a large and active community. Drupal is very flexible and offers a modular architecture. Drupal also has structured content management and open APIs that allow integration with other information system.

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And in detail, what is it?

Depending on the scope of the project we can:

  • Conduct UX workshops;
  • Transact on and co-build wireframes, functional specifications;
  • Ensure the UI design;
  • Conduct development, iterative tests;
  • Ensure delivery, training of teams and providing documentation;
  • Lead the production and monitoring of the site;
  • Ensure the maintenance of the portal;
  • Ensure the hosting of the site.