Drupal webfactory

Many organizations are forced to deploy and maintain multiple sites (profit centers, brands, local entities). We propose to assist you in the design of your installation profile, your Drupal distribution with the aim of integrating it into an Open Source administration console: Aegir.

The design stages of the webfactory

  1. Functional specifications and level of customization of the most complex site model;
  2. UX design, UI, deployment, development and integration of the site model (classical approach);
  3. Adaptation of the site and creation of an installation profile;
  4. Deploying the Aegir console;
  5. Installing the installation profile on the Aegir platform.

Les avantages de l'usine à sites avec Aegir

  • Management of environments (development - recipe - production).
  • Independent deployment of the infrastructure (one server, multiple servers, cloud).
  • Coexistence between several distributions on the same instance aegir.
  • Mutualisation des coûts de maintenance préventive et des mises à jour sur tous les sites dépendant du même profil d'installation.
  • Independence of contents, configurations and users on each deployed site.
  • Facilitated theme customization on each deployed instance.
  • Guaranteed security, performance, quality and SEO.
  • Simplicity of webfactory administration (site clone, backups, copies, etc.)