Drupal maintenance and technical support

Drupal experts when you need them.

Whether you developed it yourself or had it done by another Drupal shop, our team is available to help you maintain your site or to overcome technical challenges. We use Redmine as a collaborative project management system.

It is transparent, we bill the exact time we work.

Maintenance methodology

No commitment:
Pay-as-you-go. Redmine keeps track of the time we spend working on your projet. If you don't ask, we don't work, you don't pay.

We set-up and configure Redmine and open it to your team members. They can create tasks, open tickets and follow up on the implementation and completion. You can monitor the time spent for a specific task and for the overall project. You are in control of the scope and pace of the assistance we provide.

There is no middle-man, you're in direct contact with the person you need for the task you need. You assign the task to the profile you think is the most appropriate to solve your problem and the person is instantly notified. Our service level agreement varies from 1 hour to 1 day according to the severity of the issue but you can set the priority level: immediate, urgent, high, medium, low.

Your project's data and information are safely stored and transferred.


Our commitment

All communications are done by email or directly on Redmine.

bluedrop.fr's phone support is open Monday to Friday, from 07:00am to 21:00pm.+

Urgent issues:
In case of emergency (and emergency only), we remain available during week-ends on two dedicated mobile numbers. We double the rate in case the problem is not solved over the phone and a technical intervention is needed.


"Our new site in online ! I wish to warmly thank everyone involved at Bluedrop!
It has been a great collaborative experience, the fantastic result is there for everyone to see and is beyond what we initially expected!


Caroline Péragut, Responsable du Service à APHM


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