Drupal hosting and preventive maintenance plan

Drupal hosting platform designed by Drupal experts for Drupal developers
You need maximum availability for your Drupal site
We provide 100%, 24/7 managed Infrastructure in collaboration with Jaguar Networks.
You need optimal performance
Platform default settings: 100% Drupal, Nginx, X-cache, Varnish, Redis, network reliability. Services: Performance audit (optional).
You need a secure environment
Jaguar Network secured infrastructure, Data Redundancy, Deployment Workflow. Mandatory monthly preventive maintenance: 3 hours.
You need a solid deployment workflow
Three environments (development, staging, production), Drush, Git Versioning, Capistrano. Services: Code review and deployment support.

The following environments and features are included: 3 hosting environnements: development / staging/ production, Git, Drush. File storage and synchronisation: Nas-NetApp Performance optimisations: X-cache, Varnish, Redis. Search engine: SolR on a VM.

Preventive maintenance:</strong> 3 hours of monthly maintenance for security updates and Drupal core and modules minor version upgrades. Eligibility audit: maintenability audit and recommendation. Code review: ticket-based code review prior to production. Ticket-based technical assistance.