We are an independent digital web agency specialized in building solid digital platforms with Drupal. We contribute to the open-source and open-innovation ecosystems.

Why Drupal

Its content approach and modular system make it a recognized tool for robust projects. It is especially appropriate for sites requiring recurring updates and advanced collaborative features. Drupal manages content units rather than pages. It allows a more flexible and transversal content management.


  • Strategic planning, digital marketing, architecture and performance.
  • Objectives and resources assessment.
  • Solution assessment and selection: small core, headless, distribution...
  • Technical and functional specifications, contributed modules needed, custom developments required.


  • Agile processes. Delivrables throughout project's lifecycle.
  • UX/UI, Art Direction, editorial guidelines.
  • Advanced Drupal theming, JS frameworks integration, rich interfaces.
  • API development and third-party API integration.
  • Drupal small core or distribution deployment, module selection, benchmark and configuration. Drupal-compliant custom developments.
  • Advanced expertise on Panopoly, Drupal Commerce, Open Atrium and other distributions.


  • SEO, SEA
  • Custom, personalized training, code reversibility and documentation.
  • We offer a Drupal-optimized hosting environment to streamline maintenance processes. Performance and security audits and recommendations.
  • Technical support, Preventive and adaptive maintenance (Core, modules and security updates).

Experts Opinions

Bluedrop is a team of expert Drupal engineers and developers. As Project managers, UX/UI designers, front-end developers, back-end developers, Dev-Ops and System administrators, we have an extensive experience in the developmpent of Drupal-based projects. Bluedrop.fr assists you from project inception and specifications through performance and security audits.

With every new module we develop, the methodology is improved, the productivity is increased.

Lara Directrice Grands Projets - Experte Drupal

CSS on one end, "empty" deployment... Then theming, before... Testing!

Rouaida Lead Front

Architecture is key for a performing application given Drupal's flexibility and module dependence.

Joseph Head of development - Expert Drupal

The learning curve is steep yet worth it and the community is always available when needed.

Rida CTO - Drupal Expert

Drupal is very flexible. It allows functional testing in a phased development approach.

Rouaida Lead Front

UI design to CSS integration is another possibility. I pushed for Jekyll adoption and am preparing for Omego or blank theme integration.

Ryad Art Director

Backed by a very active community, Drupal's ecosystem is a never-ending source of initiatives and discoveries!

Ludovic Architecte Drupal