Creativity workshops

How to stand out from the competition? With our creativity workshops we are looking for THE good idea that will make your product a unique solution!

Workshops can be performed in your premises or co-designed with your users


The most famous method is the brainstorming which consists in generating a maximum of ideas to encourage innovation and stimulate creativity. In order to make the workshop more fun, diversified and in line with the issue to address, we also propose:

  • Think by writing ("Brainwriting")
  • Think by drawing "Braindrawing")
  • Variants where we play the actor ("Rolestorming")
  • Methods for schematizing solutions (crazy 8, 6to1, Design Studio)
  • Methods where we ask the right questions (HMW: how could we ...)
  • And many other methods to find the right idea ...

The ideation cards

The most used method is card sorting which consists of classifying and grouping features and / or information. This method is used in particular to:

  • Stimulates creativity
  • Optimize the information architecture
  • Organize and prioritize features
  • Organize the content

But many other methods using cards can be used according to your needs and concerns.

And many other methods ...

Whatever your project or your concerns, our team will always propose the most suitable method!