Corporate Sites

Your corporate website presents your identity, your culture, your teams and your know-how, your brand. It must be both effective and attractive and offer differentiated messages to your different users. The challenge is big.

And in detail?

We propose here the manufacture of sites centered on the brand, the notoriety of the company. We offer courses and a user experience respecting buyers personas, your targets. This type of project requires as much care in the design as in the integration of the contents, to build pages from templates and to guarantee the reinforcement of the reputation of your brand.
The deployed features are mainly:

  • Integration of several templates, presentation pages, landing pages;
  • News module;
  • Search function;
  • Location on a map;
  • Timeline presenting the history of the company, the brand;
  • Recruiting space;
  • Provision of multi-channel content;
  • Cross-functional integration of internal tools (LDAP directory for example);
  • SEO optimization and ROI measurement;
  • Easy to update content.

We designed and developed

Many clients have already trusted us and we thank them for it.