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The AP-HM maintains its confidence in to maintain and develop its Drupal applications

AP-HM, the region’s largest employer, maintains its confidence in team, that ensured the maintenance, development, technical and system assistance of its Drupal applications.

About AP-HM

With 4 hospitals and 3400 beds, the AP-HM is the third University Hospital of France. It is as well the region’s largest employer with more than 12 000 employees and 2000 doctors. Its missions include care, training, research, prevention, and health education. Its establishments offer a myriad of specialties, from local public health care to advanced care of complex and rare pathologies for adults and children. Its medical and healthcare teams provide excellent and local healthcare services, accessible to all.

Our cooperation with AP-HM

We have been collaborating with AP-HM since 2013, notably on preventive, corrective and adaptive maintenance, development, UX and UI design of the institution’s Drupal websites.
We will provide the AP-HM technical teams with our resources on DevOps and SysOps while additional evolutions, animations and developments will be conducted by the Communication teams.

Our Drupal agency has had the chance to work on new projects since 2016:

  • Overhauling the institution’s website with Drupal 7 ;
  • Conceiving and developing the mini-site, that aims at emphasizing the excellent services provided by AP-HM. This project was built with Drupal 7 ;
  • Maintaining the websites

Following a call for proposals, AP-HM has maintained its confidence in for years to come, adding the management and maintenance of its internally-developed Drupal Intranet.

Our interventions

A reactive maintenance service is key when it comes to ensuring the security, flexibility and development of websites. This is why we offer two types of maintenance :

  • Preventive maintenance: a monthly intervention to apply website’s security updates ;
  • Corrective and evolutive maintenance: intervention to execute correction or evolution demands on the website. On the bright side, one pays what one consumes, no less, no more and without any commitment!

On another token, we are delighted to support the efforts of the APHM teams in capacity building, each time we get the chance! The interventions in DevOps or SysOps include : 

  • Counseling in conception, choice of modules, theming, configurations… during the planning phase ;
  • Code reviews, tests, and scalability before getting to the production phase ;
  • Hosting infrastructure optimization- System administration, Varnish cache installation, cache memory ;
  • Training/ supporting the multiple Drupal-linked integrations ;
  • Integration/ connection to micro -services, etc.

The diversity of interventions is the result of what APHM and project teams' excellent listening skills can achieve. How fulfilling it is to work in a warm atmosphere of collaboration, characterized by the complementarity of skills and expertise! :)

Post made by the famous @Myriam with the permanent support of @Christophe :)