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The skill range of our team allows us to carefully develop complex, solid and useful projects. We love what we do and we do what we say.


Platforms and websites, Progressive Web Apps, API's, mobile apps, business applications


A team of experts available for your maintenance tasks when you need them


UX design: analysis, workshops, UX case studies, interfaces.

A dedicated team, skilled and open-minded

Christophe Dugué
Managing Partner
Nicolas L'Helgoualc'h
Managing Partner
Yann Rotil
Managing Partner
Ludovic Coullet
Technical Director
Ryad Karar
Art Director
Marion Le Roux
UI Designeuse
Lara Zaki
Lead Dev - Experte Drupal
Rida Maksour
CTO - Drupal Expert
Joseph Aghnatios
Lead Dev - Drupal Expert
Rouaida Roumieh
Lead Front
Nicolas Moinet
Drupal Developer
Elie Choufani
Drupal Developer
Ahmad Rizk
Drupal Developer
Elie Nassar
Drupal Developer
Alexandre Pons
UX designer - UX researcher
Dany Keyrouz
Drupal Developer
Carole Khalife
Développeuse Drupal
Yara Mezher
Développeuse Drupal
Georges Adwan
Drupal Developer
Dimitri Kesteloot
Chef de projet digital
Céline Vidal
Développeuse Drupal
Vanessa Boueri
développeuse drupal
Rita Challita
développeuse drupal
Mohamad Sultan
Développeur Drupal
Marine Garcia
UX/UI Designeuse
Carinelle Atamech
Développeuse Drupal
Karen El Darazi
Développeuse Drupal
Jérémy Jourdheuil
Chef de projet digital
Cynthia Younes
Développeuse Drupal

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A wide range of medium to large projects, powered by Drupal and other open-source software.
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New projects, case studies, technology and community watch, bust-ups: drupal resources open to everyone.
Drupal Admin Thème - Image d'agrément

We tested Claro, the new Drupal 8 and 9 admin theme

We tested Claro, the new administration theme (backend - Admin Theme) with Drupal 8.8 anticipating its adoption in Drupal 9. And we were won over...

11 April 2020
L'équipe bluedrop.fr se prépare à Drupal 9 - Image d'agrément

The path to Drupal 9 - What's new, Drupal 7 upgrade, Drupal 8 to Drupal 9...

Certainly this is not the priority at the moment... Certainly. However, we can take advantage of this period of calm to think about important...

27 March 2020
bluedrop.fr news

Selfie-post at bluedrop.fr - Our news!

Here’s a selfie post. We’ve never fallen for that. And it is time to shake things up. The quarterly summary of our activities includes everything...

1 August 2018