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Editorial: Every day brings a change

Moving forward!

Yaml Form Drupal

The shift towards Drupal 8? Successful… but we’re talking about a drastic change. Things have changed on the back, on the front, decoupling in everywhere, thus forcing us to move forward, rethink our habits, and step out of the comfort zone. We pay attention to evolutions, diversify technologies, boost performance, provide better user experience, and generalize interconnections. Therefore, the least we can say is that we are making strides, adopting new frameworks such as Phalcon, AngularJS and mostly VueJS, recruiting, embedding new skills, new tempers, and youth!

But is this what really matters?

In our job, change is the only constant. Change is you and us: colleagues, friends, clients and partners. You are the ones who bring it forward. Innovation is key when it comes to conceiving your projects, processes, products and services. We always strive to keep up with change: Long gone the dependence on big formal and monolithic projects! We are building on micro-interventions, no matter budgets or skills. Today, we are diversifying our methodologies… There’s no need dedicate a project manager, when you have the relevant resource at hand… Our relationship is direct, efficient, flexible, on the sole condition that we learn to listen to one another, in an environment of honesty, and transparency. Innovation lies in usability… The rest will follow…

Phalcon and Drupal: the winning team?

We opted for Phalcon - one of the fastest framework at the moment - for one of our Drupal 8 project. Here's why and how.

In our news: HTTP2 / SSL / Docker

docker ssl http2

Our preventive maintenance plan is changing. Your website maintenance and security are important to you and you want specialists to be in charge. You are right!